Detecting ADHD in The School Environment

What to Look For

Schools are a major player in detecting ADHD, and a teacher is often one of the first people to identify the signs and voice concern. Children spend many hours in school, which allows teachers to observe the behaviour of students and compare their behaviour and cognitive functioning amongst children of the same age. If a teacher already has a student with ADHD, it very much helps in the detection of new cases, because he or she are more familiar with the symptoms and behavioural disturbances involved.

ADHD behaviours can be found in many children, especially when they are young. The issue really lies in the intensity and the frequency with which the behaviours occur. Therefore, before sounding the alarm, parents and teachers should consult the school Educational psychologist or counsellor to rule out other behavioural or psychological conditions and also consult with your. After that, a GP is the next best resource when voicing concerns.

Some students with signs of ADHD may show or do the following:

  • Show inattention when speaking and seem lost compared to their schoolmates
  • Have difficulty organising and planning tasks
  • Deliver incomplete homework
  • Have difficulty sustaining attention for longer, albeit simpler, tasks
  • Do not meet standards or follow the rules of games or activities
  • Do not pay attention to details
  • Seem to only be aware of what they like, instead of the likes of others
  • Avoid tasks that require sustained mental effort

Stay Informed