Managing Distractions in The Classroom

How You Can Help Manage Distractions

Children might struggle to engage in school activities if they do not feel challenged or if they are easily distracted.

There are three important factors that may affect the attention span of children with ADHD:

  • Inability to filter what goes on in his or her environment
  • Tendency to be easily distracted when they should be focused
  • Take longer to re-focus his or her attention

With this in mind, teachers are quite important in working to minimise distractions. Learning how to focus is not easy, and each child is unique. The teacher will need time to come up with effective solutions on a case-by-case basis.

You can help reduce distractions using a chalkboard or dry erase board and listing out routines, homework, and any upcoming exams or assignments. It is usually helpful for the child to focus on one thing at a time; therefore, if the board fills up with information during a lesson, erase what is no longer needed. Sit the child close to the board, so he or she can follow along easier. If you notice the student is fidgeting with their desk, call his or her name to get their attention and remain focused.

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