Ready for take off!
March 4, 2016

Hello and welcome to the new website, which we’ve been working on excitedly over the past couple of months to create a ‘new place’ for people who want to learn more about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Here you will find information on ADHD and be able to access further support. We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look around the new site and have already learned something new as a result!

In building the new website we at Shire want to ensure that we are providing everyone, including patients, parents, caregivers, teachers, SENCOs and all of those affected by ADHD, the most up to date, accurate and reliable information about the condition to offer reassurance and support positive change. For that reason, we’ve included lots of practical hints, tips, tools and resources to help with day-to-day life.

One of the new parts of the site, which we are most excited about, is where you are right now; our new Blogspace, which will allow us to post up to date articles on relevant topics related to ADHD. We will also try and give you access to the thoughts and opinions of leading experts in ADHD including:

  • ADHD coaches
  • Teachers/SENCOs
  • Other patients, parents and caregivers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Patient support groups

We plan to regularly upload new posts so you’ll have access to information on the advances being made in ADHD across a range of topics as well as hearing the stories of other people living with the condition so that you can see you are not alone and that there is plenty of support out there.

In the meantime, enjoy exploring and don’t forget to check back often.


UK/C-ANPROM/NBU/15/0150a. Date of preparation: March 2016

UK Shire Neuroscience team