Treating & Managing ADHD in Adolescents

Adolescents with ADHD

The way ADHD symptoms appear in childhood may be different from how they appear in the teenage years, which can make managing ADHD in teens more challenging. Like all teens, teenagers living with ADHD may choose tasks or activities that provide instant gratification rather than those that provide delayed rewards. All teens want to be independent and try new things, and sometimes they will break rules.  It may be difficult at times to know if your teen’s behaviours are typical or a symptom of ADHD.  Regardless, your response should be as calm and matter-of-fact as possible.

Treatment and Management for Adolescents

Finding the right treatment and management for adolescents can be difficult. There are already many hormone changes at this age as well as adjustments to new responsibilities, friendships, relationships, and schoolwork.  The best thing a teen with ADHD can do is to continue to work regularly and honestly with his or her ADHD team so his or her symptoms can be managed.

A doctor may decide that a combination of treatment with a mental health professional and medication may be the best route. If this is the case, it is vital that the teen adheres to his or her treatment and makes and keeps his or her appointments. To get the most benefit, it is to crucial that the teen take the right dose of medication at the right time, and does any extra tasks the doctor requested, such as tracking his or her progress or reporting any side effects.

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