Co-Existing Conditions

Other Conditions Overlapping with ADHD

In addition to the core symptoms of ADHD, patients with ADHD may also experience:

  • Emotional dysregulation, e.g. irritability or short temper
  • Cognitive impairment, e.g. trouble remembering or concentrating
  • Co-existing behavioural or psychiatric symptoms, e.g. depression

Approximately half of patients with ADHD also have co-existing disorders, such as anxiety disorder, conduct disorder, oppositional-defiant disorder and tic disorder. These co-existing disorders may not only complicate the diagnosis of ADHD, but also further hinder the patient’s ability to function and increase the risk of adverse emotional and social outcomes.

There are many potential co-existing conditions. It is best to speak with a healthcare professional to get more information and be diagnosed correctly.

Stay Informed