Positive Traits to Consider

Recognising the Best in People Living with ADHD

Adolescents and adults can often become frustrated or focus on the negative attributes of ADHD. But it is not all bad! There is no question that it can be a struggle to live with ADHD, but the condition can have a positive effect on your life as well.

  • In a clinical study, one person reported that the impulsiveness from ADHD was a good quality. It gave him the chance to say and do what he wanted and gave him a sense that he was always being true to himself and expressing his point of view.
  • Another patient said the extra energy was an advantage. The condition allowed more work to get done in less time.
  • Many other patients said that a lack of inhibition was a positive thing. It made them fearless and allowed them to be more creative and try new things. They also found humour in things that people without ADHD may not appreciate.

Positive Features in People with ADHD


People living with ADHD tend to enthusiastically engage in the activities they enjoy and are very curious about the things that interest them. They can act and think very quickly. They are adventurous and more likely to try new things that others would not. They can see things from different perspectives and have different outlooks on problems or topics. They thrive on chaos and are very observant.


People living with ADHD are generally optimistic. They like to have fun and do not focus on the negative. Typically, they do not hold a grudge. They tend to be kind and accepting of others. Because they speak their true feelings, they are good friends and sincere.


Adults with ADHD often find it easiest to specialise in one area, becoming an expert. Many of them have great motivation to learn about a specific topic and complete a project, even a big one. Most adults living with ADHD tend to prefer working under pressure, and they enjoy learning about the process and subject along the way.


Because of their high-energy personalities, people living with ADHD tend to excel at sports and other activities. When motivated, they can accomplish many things in one day. Most people would be too tired to complete the same amount of work in the same time frame. People living with ADHD typically cannot stand boredom, so they enjoy staying busy and finding new interests.


People living with ADHD often solve problems in interesting or creative ways. Many children with ADHD have active imaginations or enjoy fantasy play.