I am a young person with ADHD
I am a young person with ADHD
What is ADHD?
A person with ADHD has differences in brain development and brain activity. Put simply, your brain works differently compared with someone who doesn’t have ADHD, so you learn in a different way, and you may sometimes behave differently. You can’t change it, but you can learn to manage it, and it can even give you certain advantages!
Growing up with ADHD
Growing up isn’t easy. You have to take on responsibilities, schoolwork is harder, and you get more homework. On top of this, changes in your body can affect your emotions and your self-confidence.
If you live with ADHD, growing up can be even more of a challenge. You could find you get angry or frustrated, you might react badly or get irritated if things go wrong, and you may find it difficult to be motivated. In fact, most people of your age have similar feelings — but with ADHD, everything can seem more intense and harder to handle.
Useful Links
  • Born to Be ADHD is your portal for information on:
  • Born to Be ADHD Campaign - encouraging members of the community to take action in addressing stigma and misconceptions surrounding ADHD.
  • Stories that Never Stand Still - a collection of inspiring stories from people living with ADHD to educate and empower those in the community.
  • Educational resources - aimed at members of the community to improve care for those living with ADHD
  • BorntoBeADHD.co.uk is initiated and funded by Takeda with materials created in collaboration with UK-based patient organisations.

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