I am an adult
I am an adult
What are the symptoms of ADHD?

Symptoms of inattention

People with ADHD may experience:
  • Difficulty staying focused, for example, when filling in a form
  • Difficulty keeping to deadlines
  • Forgetfulness, for example, paying bills, returning phone calls or going to appointments
  • Losing things regularly, such as keys or wallet
  • Getting easily distracted
  • Making careless mistakes at work or during other activities
  • Difficulty keeping things organised and tidy
Symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity
People with ADHD may experience:
  • Difficulty sitting still
  • Feeling restless or impatient
  • Being talkative or often interrupting conversations
  • Intruding into, or taking over, what others are doing
  • Acting quickly without thinking, such as darting into the street without looking
Some people with ADHD show all these symptoms, while others show only some, and ADHD symptoms may also change as people get older.
Presentations of ADHD
There are three different presentations of ADHD:
  • Mostly inattentive type – individuals have mainly symptoms of inattention
  • Mostly hyperactive/impulsive type – individuals have mainly symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity
  • Combined type – individuals have symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity/ impulsivity in more-or-less equal amounts
Useful Links
    The Staring Back at Me campaign aims to help UK women and non-binary people recognise the symptoms of ADHD in themselves, and provide guidance to support conversations with their doctor, so they can access the support they need. Please visit: https://staringbackatme.org.uk/ to find out more.

  • Born to Be ADHD is your portal for information on:
  • Born to Be ADHD Campaign - encouraging members of the community to take action in addressing stigma and misconceptions surrounding ADHD.
  • Stories that Never Stand Still - a collection of inspiring stories from people living with ADHD to educate and empower those in the community.
  • Educational resources - aimed at members of the community to improve care for those living with ADHD.
  • BorntoBeADHD.co.uk is initiated and funded by Takeda with materials created in collaboration with UK-based patient organisations.

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